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The Next Super Power?


Solar Powered car in India, courtesy of

WORLD TRADE: NATURAL RESOURCES: Lots of speculation for the next 30 years about who will be the super powers of the future. Back in time, salt was a form of currency. Spices and even chocolate were used to ‘trade’. We use dollar bills (& plastic cards) to trade for gas for our cars, food and other essentials (and non-essentials). In reality, oil seems to be the modern currency. California is supposed to be going all-electric for their cars by 2040; in order to reduce the oil consumption. The gas shortage will probably shock some people because they did not plan for the future. If history has taught us anything, countries with natural resources can ‘trade’ for items to become a super powerful country. As Spock would say, “It is only logical,” that Brazil, China, India and Russia will be the emerging powers in 30-50 years. Some economists believe that China will somehow make an alliance with Russia. Brazil is in a continent to themselves and does not have close boarders with any major countries.  Have we forgotten Nigeria, rich in resources and the deserts and oil fields of Africa are important. Arabs are fighting amongst themselves so much it is hard to believe that their nation will play well with others. So far they are not good players, even though Abu Dabi is a rich, golden capital of the world. True leaders have a country that thinks the same and builds their nation like a good family. Here is a real surprise for some of you.


Some economists believe that INDIA will be the number one super power in the world. I read it and had a hard time getting my head around it. I’m thinking solar power. They have the best chance to embrace solar energy since that their climate is ideal. Dry and sunny. Not an abundance of clouds dimming the bright sun. I can not think of how it would happen. They may be a country that is well oiled with responsibility for each other. India does not have any religious zealots that would make any empire crumble.

Population growth will demand more food and put a strain on the land. Unless we start changing ourselves, our lives will start to suffer. We need to take better care of our lives, our country and our people as a whole. If not, we may walk into disastrous situations. Good planning makes a difference.

Tesla Charge Station

At first, we see how China began to dominate the scrap metal industry 3 years ago.  Even though China remains strong, other countries are getting noticed as emerging super powers. India has supported the scrap metal industry with imports from North America. Shiploads of processed scrap metal have ensured a good flow of resources to India. In saying that, the Indian government are encouraging their citizens to buy and process from their own country. Higher tariffs are discouraging imports. India is beginning to be more self-sufficient.

Slightly falling Scrap Prices this summer 2018

President Trump is trying to do the same thing in the States. Being self sufficient is good. But, you still need to trade with the world. It will be interesting to see what happens in India. The future is not certain. But, we can make a good guess as to the direction each country is taking to secure a good life for their people. Scrap prices will change. They always do. That’s something that will never change.
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