Eco-friendly Scrap Car Towing ~ Recycling Scrap Metal

Scrap Tires-Out of Control

SCRAP TIRE GRAVEYARD: North Africa, we see satellite pictures of acres of desert land covered with acres of old tires. Imagine all the useful items to be made from old tires. The possibilities are vast. I’m guessing the tire piles – all got away from them.

Visible: An aerial image shows the vast amount of used tyres that are put in the ground – the patches are even visible from space

If they try burning the tires, the fires burn black, billowy smoke for months not to say how the environment is being polluted. Old tires can be made into floor tiles, roofing and so much more.

A sea of rubber: In Kuwait City’s Sulaibiya area every year gigantic holes are dug out in the sandy earth and filled with old tyres – there are now over seven million in the ground.

Up-cycled Retaining Wall

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