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Unless you have a chauffeur driving you from point A to point B, you need to stay alert while driving your car. And, you need to look after your car.
When you take a moment to think about it, some of our major decisions center around our vehicles.

Not My Chauffeur

When the price of oil is up, we tend to cut back on our travel or seek to consolidate trips as much as possible.  Also, we are being encouraged by the government’s mandate to car manufacturer’s to reduce CO2 emissions and go electric. We need to look after our gas guzzling cars better. My motor head friends are always checking the level of oil and the filters on my car. Bosch is a good name for reliable filters. You can always check your owner’s manual to find out what filters you need and what type of oil is required for your car. The thickness of the oil is important too.

Check Your Oil?

Cold winters and hot summers determines your oil type. Always check with a mechanic. Advice is free. Some mechanics know more than others. You may have to ask several people. Or, if you are in luck like myself, you know a mechanic that fixes racing cars and is a plethora of information.

TIP#1: This is your most important number one tip. Make sure you change your oil regularly. Today, people are not doing it as much. Remember those pit stops where you drive your car in for an oil change. They are gone and replaced by a drive through car wash (more money). We need a reminder about how important an oil change means to a car. You should CHECK all your fluids regularly! Make sure your transmission fluid is not cloudy.
TIP#2: You need to check your tires before heading out. Take a quick look at both sides of your car before your get in your car. My neighbor did his own roof and a nail landed in my driveway. Flat tire in the morning. Do not drive through areas where they are building new homes, paving roads or any type of construction…a flat tire may ensue.   Check tires before taking a long trip.  Check the air pressure of your tires and top up the air when you go to fill up for gas ( monthly). There is summer and winter air pressure recommendations. Ask your mechanic. Bonus: Proper air in your tires saves gas!

Store Your Tire Gauge in the Glove Compartment : For Easy Access

TIP#3: Make sure you use your turn signal. I see so many people not using their signal before they change lanes or make a turn. Worst case is when some people leave their signal on..flashing down the street. It is so annoying. ( I have done it myself. B-O-O-O-O-O) That’s added stress on the driver. Note to self: You can’t hear the signal clicking if the radio is on too loud.

TIPS#4 Check for blind spots before changing lanes. Vans are have the biggest blind spots. I learned the hard way.  And yes, when it comes to your side view mirrors, objects are closer than they appear.

TIP#5: Winter windshield wipers. Stick your wipers in the air when you park your car for a long time. If freezing rain/snow is being pelted down on your car overnight, you will be glad you followed these simple rules. Its saves you from buying new wipers. (recommended by wiper manufacturers)

Lifting Wipers Does Not Damage The Springs On Your Wipers.

Tip#6: Change your car’s FILTER : air filter, fuel filter, oil filter and HEPA cabin filter. Get a friend or your mechanic to check your filters of they are covered with soot or not. It is the best advice for car owners. What kind of filter is in your car? Look in your owner’s manual. It will tell you the type of filter needed for your vehicle. You can also go online, enter your car make and model on this website and see what filters you need–>Find out at  (If you don’t have an owners manual, order it from the dealership or online). SPARK PLUGS: Getting new spark plugs is a debatable issue. Follow your good judgement. Age and usage of your car is a factor in your decision. I would rather err on the side of prevention.


Keep your Radiator Clean

When you check your radiator container don’t add water…take the extra time and use the 50/50 mixture.

The container will have places on it to indicate whether your fluid levels are low or high. Remove the reserve tank cap and fill with radiator fluid. If the reserve is empty, also add fluid to the radiator. Radiator fluid should be used in a 50/50 mixture with mineral free water. This mixture protects water in the cooling system from freezing, raises the boiling point of the water and aids in preventing rust buildup. If you regularly find the radiator fluid levels low, then you might have a leak.published by

You can clean your own radiator with a garden hose. Instructions are on the website. (

LEAKING Radiator

Al these methods of “PREVENTION” have a strong impact on your engine. Soot and foreign grainy stuff that is in your oil and gas change the performance of your vehicle. We will be talking about oil and gas additives with advice form a NASCAR mechanic on the next blog.


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