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Find your keys in Snow!

Dropped your keys? Where did they go? (a) buried in the snow (b) dark, underground parking (c) somewhere in the house -or- outside the house – in your driveway. How about your freezer? Yes, I left my car keys inside our big old chest freezer. That’s what happens when you are bringing your groceries in the house from your car on a hot summer day.  Normally, I hang up my keys on the hook in the kitchen as soon as I get in the house, So I wont lose them!  It must have been one of those famous  ‘Distraction Days’. As I was bringing the frozen food in from the car straight to the freezer I went. It happened to be that my car keys were still in my hand. Kerplunk! I closed the big heavy freezer door . That’s where my key decided to go too. I scoured the house, the car, my clothes. I looked absolutely everywhere, except the basement where the freezer was humming peacefully. Thank goodness for my second set of keys. I thought about getting another copy.  Later that day, I opened the freezer and to my surprise, there were the keys. Right on top of the frozen peas!
TECHNOLOGY has the answer–> A key finder. A combo phone app and a key fob.  Once you activate the app on your phone simply by tapping with your finger , the key fob gives you a ring tone to pin point its location. All key trackers are not alike. Read the reviews, if you are shopping around. The small flat battery used in the Chipolo lasts about 6-9 months with standard replacement batteries. I have the Chipolo. You can buy as many fobs as you like it. The Chipolo rings your misplaced phone (even if it’s on silent mode) by shaking Chipolo.  It works for keys, dog collar, wallets, luggage or ……? It has a 200ft (60 meter) range. If you left your keys in a bar, the Chipolo beeps as soon as you go out of range. Not bad. Test it out by putting your keys in the freezer and see what happens.

Chipolo Fob: $25-$35 Battery 6-9 mon-to-1 yr.

Custom Names on your Chipolo Chip

MAGNET Technology: We go far back in science to the power of the magnet. Get yourself a horseshoe magnet and place it in the glove compartment ( note: keep the safety steel bar on the bottom of the magnet to preserve the strength). The magnet key finder works especially well in deep snow. You can glide the magnet over the snow and find your keys that way. It really works. I have used it. Did your keys fall under the car? Magnet power is here to stay. It will grab those keys for you. In this case, the size of your magnet is what really counts. Also, Magnets are lucky. They are a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. Keep that “horse shoe” magnet in you car simply for good luck! They bring the owner wealth. As kids, we thought magnets were magical! It’s a handy tool for picking up nails dropped in awkward places. And yes..good to find lost keys in the snow!

All Keys Are Not Visible In The Snow

🎄 🎅 ❄️ 🎅THIS CHRISTMAS🎅 ❄️ 🎅 🎄!

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