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Electric Car Boom!

THE BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) IS HERE TO STAY
With all the improvements in endurance of the battery-powered vehicles and launching the Tesla Semi-truck, it looks like a stronger staying power for these vehicles. It would be interesting if the engineers would develop a battery that can hold an even longer charge. California is proposing to have all-electric vehicles by 2040.

Tesla Semi Truck 2017

Thomas Edison, the fella that invented the electric light bulb also developed an electric car.  What happened to Edison’s electric car? You may well guess that those engineers were a bit on the rusty side. Baby, we’ve come a long way! It’s mostly due to Necessity: The Mother of Invention.  Everyone is talking about pollution, global warming, the greenhouse theory and last but not least, the price of gas. The richest people in the world today are the gas-producing Arabs. It stand to reason that we must look for alternative means of fuel – to travel.  Fuel is going to be so expensive in years to come.

Gaston Planté

First of all, let’s recognize all the brilliant minds. We must give credit to the French physicist Gaston Planté who invents the “rechargeable” lead-acid storage battery in 1859. This was followed by a string of batteries. Thomas Edison used an alkaline battery in 1899 for his vehicle. Edison abandoned the electric car after 10 years when Henry Ford* lined the streets with his “gas driven” Model T’s. The interesting point is that in 1990 about 28% of all cars in the big cities were battery run cars. Predictions that 2030 will have 30% electric cars on the road. Back to 1972, the Buick Skylark was a hybrid electric car built by General Motors in response to the Arab oil Embargo. This program was squashed the Environmental Protection Association in 1976.

Vanguard-Sebring Citicar 1975 – Top Speed 30 mph for a Distance: 40 miles …putt-putt-p-t-t-t

Amazing, when you think about it. We have resurrected the EV after gas prices went sky-high. Let’s face it, the first EV’s were noisy. You could not drive long distances. The hybrid EV was a practical choice.  The big boom in EV sales had surged in 2016. Better EV’s and longer charge time are becoming more attractive to the consumer. I was in IKEA last week and saw 2 charging stations beside the handicapped parking lot in Burlington, Ontario.  In 2017 we are seeing more EV’s that boast of longer battery power.  This coming year – 2018 – should prove to be just as busy if not more so. 

According to the Charge Point report
– 53 percent – of all EVs sold as of November 2016
were plug-in hybrids (PHEV) while 47 percent were battery-powered (BEV).
Here’s the top 2016 EV sales so far according to the report:
provided by

  • Chevy Volt
  • Ford Fusion
  • Ford C-MAX Energi
  • BMW X5
  • Audi A3 e-tron


  • Tesla Model S
  • Tesla Model X
  • Nissan LEAF
  • BMW i3
  • Fiat 500e

Everybody wants the Tesla. Superior engineering. What more can you say! It’s the Cadillac of BEV’s, if we dare to compare. Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW and others are starting to catch up to Tesla. Or, will they ever?

Tesla Charge Station

This chart below is hard to read. The top 4 EV’s are Tesla Model S, Chevy Volt, Ford Fusion, Tesla Model X. To see a larger chart click here

TESLA TIDBIT: When I first heard the EV name “Tesla”,  I thought of Nikola Tesla, the Serbian born American inventor. Then, you read about Elton Musk (Tesla EV top engineer). Nikola Tesla did not live long enough to see his all his ideas into fruition. He talked about energy from the ground and gases in the atmosphere. He even talked about cell phones. I do believe he could do it, given enough freedom to pursue his ideas. The OCD, germaphobe Nikola Tesla was 86 when he died. The story goes that he slept 2 hours a night. It was written that the American, wealthy big wigs deterred Tesla to pursue his theories about free energy. What brilliance. His arrogant personality did not fair well with others. Who cares? I don’t. I admire the mind and his energy. I don’t have to like his terse comments. That’s okay.  I would leave him alone to do his thing. Real greatness. So glad they named this EV after Nikola Tesla, and hope that somehow he would know about this homage! BRAVO Tesla!
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* Henry Ford would have gone bankrupt if it wasn’t for the Dodge Brothers ;helping in the engine design of the model T. The newly invented electric starter (Charles Kettering) for the Model T also helped sales. The choke had to be used in the Model T. The choke was still part of some cars up to the 1980’s.  The alternative for a choke is ‘fuel injection’.  Something we are all know about.


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