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DIESELgate Scandal

Today, a truck driver may spend an average of $70,000 per year on fuel alone. That’s diesel fuel.
“Volkswagen, which was at the center of the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal that exposed diesel engines as not being as clean as some automakers led regulators to believe, is now suggesting a phase-out of the huge diesel subsidies”

CEO Matthias Müller / Volkswagon

The future is electric. The people at Volkswagon are moving their interests to electric cars.

“I’ve become convinced that we should question the sense and purpose of the diesel subsidies. If the switch to environmentally friendly e-cars is to succeed, diesel combustion engines can’t continue to be subsidized the way they have been forever.” published by

Tesla Sales are Predicted to Boom in the Next Quarter

Tesla Model 3 2018

With Tesla’s new electric Semi’s, they are predicting about 50 cents a mile to drive the large transport e-trucks. Alternate vehicles such as electric cars and hybrid electric cars will become more in demand when people buy more electric cars. They may not drop in price. But, operating cost will offset high gas prices. Europe is moving their eye towards electric cars more and more. They are going so far as to give compensation for diesel run vehicles as  trade-ins when purchasing electric vehicles. Or, simply drop offs to get them off the road.
Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller added that the proposal for concentrating on electric cars would be a solution to avoid a ban on diesel and petrol vehicles. Several European countries are now considering banning all diesel and petrol fueled cars in the upcoming decades. Norway, France, England, India, Germany, China, Scotland and California, U.S.A. are all on board.


Cities in California are so smog filled, partly due to the geographic location and population. The top 4-5 cities with the highest air pollution in the United States are found in California!

Light Rail Track And Pacific Ocean On The Background.

San Francisco: population 8,607,432. In the Bay Area, there are two main causes of poor air quality: ozone (for which it ranks 16th) and particulate matter. Ozone is a bigger problem in the summer, while wood smoke from wood stoves and fireplaces make air quality problematic in the winter.
No wonder California is so eager to promote electric cars.
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