Eco-friendly Scrap Car Towing ~ Recycling Scrap Metal

Scrap Yard Beginnings


Model T Ford Truck 1923

When your Model T broke down, you left it at the side of the road as soon as it stopped working. Basically, you would push it off the road and simply leave it there. Everybody did it. Not that long ago (up to early 60’s),  you still found old vehicles abandoned in fields and permanently parked on Any Street in Europe and the rest of the continents.  Sometimes, a car may be reported abandoned, A tow truck would find its way to that rust bucket and swoop it away. It was not unusual to see a broken down car left outside busy city streets for months on end. Shoppers and store owners would pass by the vehicles without a second thought. Day by day, you might see parts of the car missing. Especially, if the car remained idle and exposed for a long time. I have seen pictures of cars with birch trees growing inside the cars, right through the floorboards.


Kids Playing On Abandoned Cars

You could not get away with that today. The vehicle would get towed by the city and you would pay the fines at the pound. Generally speaking, people contact a licensed scrap yard or wreckers they find from the Internet. The wreckers will come to your house or shop and tow your vehicle to the scrap yard. People sometimes will leave their car in the driveway for a couple of years until they decide that it’s not worth keeping any longer. Perhaps, they need to hang on to the memories associated with their old car. Or, just too lazy!
As soon as appliances and useful items were being manufactured they eventually broke down. You threw them out and bought another  stove or a new set of pots. The junk man would roam the streets collecting junk and bring them to his humble junkyard and make a small living at it.

Sanford And Son: This Is The Big One!

If you were looking for an old radio and could not buy a new one, you would visit the junk yard to see if he had a beat up old radio that still worked.  Junk yards stored old refrigerators, irons, cabinets and anything that was left out on the road or that they could salvage. With old cars, the junk man would tow it into his yard and sell parts to fix other cars. They sometimes sold the old beaters to mechanics who fixed up the cars to become roadworthy again. We have grown to a full recycling business. As fast as the cars run off the assembly line, another assembly line is created. Cars and trucks roll over the scales, get crushed, cubed and ready to make new cars bicycles an other steel products. Whatever you buy, you can be sure that 25% of it was made from recycled steel.

MODEL T 1930-1940

According to the old timers, it was hard to find a farm without several T’s out back in the 30’s and late 40’s. A model T was worth $10-$15 and sometimes as high as $20. These cars were slow compared to the newer models. After a while, farmers would load up the vehicles to the trains to be deposited at the nearest scrap yard.

Detroit Model T’s Ready For The Scrapyard

Scrap yards are found at the perimeter of most cities since big fields are needed to house the cars. Next, the cars are dissembled by removing the tires, gas tank and batteries. Oils and antifreeze are drained from the vehicle and it is ready for the crusher.Trucking these sardine cans to the processing plant where they are bundles onto cubes or melted into bars, coils and rods of “new” recycled steel.

Scrap Cars: The End Of The Road

After that , they are shipped all over the world or trucked to nearby plants for processing into valuable useful products like a new refrigerators, new car or steel grids. Remember that 25% – 30% of this new steel are reincarnated into brand news cars.

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