Eco-friendly Scrap Car Towing ~ Recycling Scrap Metal

Rubber Soul


This is the best industry to reuse rubber tires. Take a look at the many benefits of shredded rubber. Custom made, long-lasting, recycled rubber soles. Get the perfect footing in life. your friends will commend you for your efforts. It’s very “IN” to own anything that is made from recycled material.

Rubber Soul/sole

These sandals have carpet remnants glued on the tire pad for extra comfort. Very luxurious sandals. Don’t you think?
Let’s get practical. Lots of bumpers, mats and safety items are made from recycled rubber.

Recycled Rubber Tires

From this thick slab of recycled rubber, you can get a spongy floor mat to absorb shock and for safety in factories. Costco employees stand on rubber mats. It is easier on the feet and safe. Recycled mats are used at home or in your kitchen. These mats are found at playgrounds, indoor sports or at the office. Interlocking tiles are practical and cost-effective. This carpeting lasts a very long time. They come in many gauges. Long, red carpets for the Oscars or at your retail store. Rubber mats prevent slipping on wet floors or captures dirt, rain or snow. These recycled carpets are rolled out in stores during the wet winter months. Brick shapes or various colours support a variety of uses.
You need to see a few examples of how this recycled rubber is being used. It’s really amazing. Hexagon shapes and many other shapes have a sophisticated look on today’s floor coverings.

Horse Paddocks Using Recycled Rubber Flooring

This bathroom really has a great looking floor made from recycled rubber.

Attractive Texture Recycled Rubber Bathroom Floor

I had to share this blast from the past. “Rubber Soul” by the one and only Beatles.

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