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What is a shredder?

An Overview of the Shredder and Its Uses

Shredding systems are used to reduce the size of any given material. There are many types of shredders. Typical paper shredders at the office are used to prevent identity theft and destroy security documents.  Primarily, shredders are designed for ‘material reduction’  that can be used in the recycling process. Some large shredders include plastic recycling, e-waste recycling, scrap metal, tire recycling, and wood recycling.

The shredding process produces raw material in the form of ‘rubber crumb’ (tires) , chunks of steel (scrap car metal bits). The new material is re-introduced into making new cars, bookshelves. bowling balls (old batteries) and rubber mats. Scrap rubber can be used as a finished product such as landscape mulch.  You will hear names such as grinders, chippers, granulators and hammer mills.  These are all shredders.

The consumer shredder versus industrial shredder

Shredders are categorized as consumer shredders and industrial shredders. A paper shredder used by consumers and can be managed by hand as you will see in the video below   “What happens to toilet paper after its been shredded.” A really fun video. A simple process that takes up very little space.

Industrial shredders are heavy-duty and are equipped to handle a high volume of material. Recycling materials such as e-waste, plastic, wood, and paper require these heavy-duty shredders. These industrial shredders have a variety of cutting systems such as vertical shaft design, horizontal shaft design, single shaft, two shaft, three shaft and four shaft cutting systems.

The use of the shredder in waste management

In waste management, industrial shredders for waste products play a very big role in our community. What do we do with all that garbage? Recycling garbage goes into fuel and electricity for industry and homes. It’s mammoth when you think about it.  Bananas are shipped in cardboard boxes for preservation and easy loading.  More ‘necessary’ waste.  The benefits of using mega-shredders in large-scale waste disposal systems recycling centers and municipal landfills all come down to material reduction.  Scrap cars, rubber tires, wood, plastics and similar materials can be quickly condensed to a mere fraction of their original size.

Did you know?…Bio-degradable waste decomposes faster when shredded. If properly shredded, the materials that are buried in landfills take much less space. In the future, we will get to a point that all garbage will be recycled as many times as possible, just like cars.

The use of shredders in recycling

We are always lookingwe need to look at options that are useful and even ways of cutting costs.  Shredders provides us with new strategic options. There are two reasons why we shred materials in the recycling process. (1) By reducing the volume of material  and cost  of storage. Secondly, automated shredders, particularly in e-waste recycling, also liberate materials for recycling. Such equipment is offered by several vendors. Many options are available, depending upon the specific application. Before making an investment, potential buyers should understand such factors as:

  • Assortment of items to be recycled
  • Volume of throughput
  • Requirements of residual buyers in terms of such parameters as particle size

A flat incline belt is often used to feed materials into the shredder. The material can be placed on the belt through a variety of methods, depending on the particular operation. Material handling equipment assigned to perform this task can include grappling devices, front-end loaders, forklifts and drop-bottom containers.

Where large items are to be shredded versus a stream of only smaller items, a larger primary breakdown unit may be required. A second pass can be then made with a secondary shredder or granulator to further reduce particle size and facilitate the liberation of recyclable materials. Sizing screens are utilized to ensure a uniformly sized product.
SECONDARY Shredder — Granulator – Very High End Machinery! Take a look….

There are single pass machines that will do both the primary breakdown and particle reduction.  Then, you have a variety of sorting machines. They further sort material for maximum recovery.
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