Eco-friendly Scrap Car Towing ~ Recycling Scrap Metal

REDUCE RE-USE RECYCLE! Help the environment by scrapping your metal

Trends in manufacturing follow the old golden rule of supply and demand. Using secondary raw materials means we do not need as much natural resources any longer. Why? It’s because we are overrun with old scrap metal. Lots of cars are getting demolished and shredded. We put them back together like Humpty Dumpty in our processing plant when we make new steel slabs or coils.   New cars are always in demand and are made up of 25%-30% recycled steel.  Scrap metal is made into new metal compounds. We still use raw iron ore in steel making; nickel in stainless steel; or alumina and bauxite in aluminium smelting.

ENERGY SAVINGS: Recycling steel scrap metal cars  has considerable savings in energy. Also, it reduces CO2 emissions. Bringing  old scrap metal into scrap yards helps to save the planet. Prices are better too.

Scrap prices change daily. Market forces decide on what the price is for scrap sheets, coils and bars for the next week.  Regionally, you will see varying prices. Local prices may fall behind or ahead. How much scrap metal you have stored at your yard?  If the price is good, you flood the market with your scrap metal stores. Sometimes you can’t afford to sit on scrap metal during low periods. You still need to pay the rent.  To remain on top of live scrap prices you have to follow reliable metal price sites. Subscribe to these websites. Prices change by 10 cents or 10 dollars.

At the Newport Docks in South Wales you will find Sims Metal UK Ltd., home of the largest scrap car processing in the world.  They now have about 200 companies world-wide.

Scrap Metal Prices

The firm was established in 1917 by Albert Sims, a recycled metals dealer in Sydney, Australia. The business was incorporated as Albert G. Sims Limited in 1928 and was renamed Simsmetal Limited in November 1968. courtesy of Wikipedia

PAUL’S Scrap Car-Removal and Disposal has been providing quality service since 1992. Call us now at (416) 822-3253 to solve any of your scrap car disposal needs.
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