Eco-friendly Scrap Car Towing ~ Recycling Scrap Metal

Scrap Tire Invasion

Tires are the hardest to recycle. At some point everything we own will come from recycled material.

Welcome Sign -Recycled Tires!

Rubber tires are now made into trendy handbags, flooring tiles and crafts like this welcome sign. Designer furniture, shoes and even ‘tire crumb’ are used for paving roads. We use up tires very fast as we travel down the roads every day of our lives. Some old tires are a source of fuel for industrial plants in third world countries while they burn …deadly smoke! Ships from Canada and the U.S. export these tires to the countries that se tires for fuel.  As we look at this tire (tyre) graveyard in kuwait, it only makes us wonder where are we heading?

World’s Biggest Tyre Graveyard in Sulabiya, Kuwait

Satelite view: kuwait: An aerial image shows the vast amount of used tyres that are put in the ground – the patches are even visible from space

Scuba divers found massive amount of old tires in the ocean near Fort Lauderdale. they are cleaning it up bit by bit. An expensive endeavour.

What is the future of our tires? Landfills are not going to solve the problem.

Up-Cycle Tires ~ Retaining Wall

THIS SPRING (2017) about 70% of Toronto Island was under water. The banks of the Port Credit river were at their highest level.  High water levels  in Lake Ontario would benefit from these simple and inexpensive retaining walls. Roll up your sleeves, get a shovel and start building your own backyard retaining wall.  Old tires are inexpensive and easily found at scrap yards. a fun project when you add flowers or herbs. Retaining walls have a double protection. They prevent land slides or are used to prevent soil erosion.  Both methods are very effective. Tires will not decompose for at least 100 years. You can be assured that the tire walls will stay intact for many years to come.

Tire swings are not the only way to reuse your old tires. This diagram gives you an idea about how to build your own retaining wall.

Instructions for DIY Retaining Wall

Simple Backyard Retaining Wall

Global Awareness

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