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Metaloids ~ Tellurium


Metalloids are the elements which possess the qualities of metals as well as non-metals, hence they are also known as semi-metals. Metalloids in the periodic table are placed between the metals and the non-metals and are located in a step-like structure. Hence we can say that the periodic table is divided into three types of elements: metals, non-metals and metalloids.
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Metaloids makes everything stronger. In Steel manufacturing, the ‘new’ steel is much stronger with the addition of Tellurium.

Metaloid Periodic Table
My eyes lit up when I saw this periodic table. I took chemistry in high school. Sure there is oxygen (O) and cobolt (Co) in the Periodic Table.  We never grouped them together in this manner. We never talked about metalloids. This is fascinating. New metals combined in such a way to strengthen products and make our lives better.

I bet you didn’t know how metaloids have made out lives better. Here are a few examples of metaloids that you are familiar with in today’s society.
Sodium borate (incl. boron) hinders fire and hence it is used in plastics and rubber inside your car.

The Metaloid Boron Works Here.

Since germanium also behaves like a semiconductor, it is used in the electronic devices like your car’s computer. Don’t forget the solar-powered cars too.

Silicon (Si) is used for more than breast implants and contact lenses. The alloys of silicon and aluminum are used in making cast parts for cars and other automobiles.

Metaloids are hard at work providing lifesaving items.
There’s not much more we can say about boron. Mainly, it’s tough!

Armored cars are not just Hummers. How about a Toyota Camry?  Oh yes! Metaloid – boron carbide in the steel plates is “armour”.  You will also need bullet proof glass for the ‘ total ‘ armored look.  Now you know what role boron plays in our lives.

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