Eco-friendly Scrap Car Towing ~ Recycling Scrap Metal

Local scrap car service providers in your area will be pleased to tow your scrap car to the scrap yard. This month I decided to answer some typical questions we get most days.
(1) I lost my keys?
This is not a problem. All we need is your permission to move the car. Our experienced drivers have lots of knowledge under these conditions.

(2) Does my vehicle have to be complete?
No. Missing mirrors and such is not a concern. We do request tires be on the car for easy moving. Flat tires are OK. We only need to pump them up. The tires need air until we get to the scrap yard. It is usually 1/2 hour or an hour to the scrap yard.

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(3) Do you collect cars on the weekends?
Yes, we understand that you might be working during the day in the week. We pickup scrap cars late in the evenings during the week and on the weekend.
(4) Do you scrap larger vehicles?
Yes, we take vans, small trucks, SUV’s and all kinds of cars.
(5) Why should I choose you?
We offer a friendly and above all free service and guarantee no nasty surprises. We are on time and collect the vehicle when it is booked. In fact we take calls every day from the public. Two or three calls are from places where the scrap car driver never arrived.. We are listed number one on Google, which speaks for itself. Other companies have come and gone over night. We are still here. Sounds a bit like the marines. we run a tight ship and always place the customer first.
(6) I want to keep my number plate?
You can take your plates off yourself. Our drivers have tools to remove your plates. We always take them off and give them back to you. They are registered with you. For security reasons, it is a good idea for you to hang on to them or bring them to the Drivers Renewal location, next time you are there. Some people add them to their playroom as art. I still have my mothers plates from Florida. No one can use them here.
(7) Do I have to be present on collection?
No, we can make arrangements for you to leave the keys and documents somewhere. We appreciate that sometimes your vehicle may not be in the same location as you.
What a Find! Classic Disney Vintage Video. Cartoon Short


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